Consulting in Negotiation

We support you to prepare your negotiation, assist you in following up execution of valuable agreements.

  •  Audit and assess your commercial terms and conditions, strengths and capabilities
  •  Set up targets, define strategies and execute tactical approaches
  •  Prepare and coach your negotiation teams / Key accounts
  •  Adapt tactics and answer objections all along negotiation process
  •  Secure, close and formalize your deals

Mediation Judicial & Conventional

We facilitate conflits resolution.

  •  Commercial Mediation
  •  Consummer Mediation
  •  Social Mediation

Sales & Negotiation Training

Train and coach your teams

  • Persuasive Selling and dealing with objections
  • Negotiation preparation
  • Set up targets, define strategies and tactics
  • Lead a negotiation, manage face to face
  • Destabilization tactics, anticipation and reaction
  • Close a negotiation
  • Execute a deal with excellence
  • Negotiate in a multi-cultural environment